Since I was born, I have been with animals around me. Mi father, a hunting lover, had  used to have hunting dogs in our house.

I was 8 years old when all of a sudden an animal looking like a fairy tale one, came to  jumping and playing. This way the first Afghan came home, he was like Ivory. He appeared from the “nothing” and he fascinated with his elegance and beauty.

We did not know anything about him, where he came from, who were his owners. What breed he should be … but we felt in love with him and we took him home in a lucky day, and we called him “Suerte” which means lucky in Spanish.


It was very difficult to find somebody that had another afghan or who could mentor me. I used books and breeders of other breeds to get information and in short time more afghans joined :


“Alba” from  Huilaco´s lines , Ch. Afgahdan´s Búfalo Hill” a Dennmark import by  John Hansen  & “Jahrog I Think You Got My Number”, bred by himself.


Here started the passion of my brother Joaquin and myself to jump into the afghan world of breeding and showing..

“Ch. Golddragon Taylor Smart”was the first afghan Spanish Champion bred by us.
Sad and happy experiences we have had in the breeding, emotions and disappointments in the show ring.

I had people honest who has been nice with me from the beginning, who has mentored me and helped me. To all them ALL my gratitude, to the rest of people I can only say they I love FOR the Afghans, not FROM them.

Today my breeding group includes different bloodlines, from whom I would like to have the best of each, selecting afghans with great movement and beauty and maintaining the type that made them a so unique breed.

Mario y Joaquin Martínez