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                          Past  2015:


SBIS National Special  CEGAS SPAIN

SBIS Junior National Special CEGAS in SPAIN                      

                                                      Breeder Group

                                                      SBIS  National Special Hound Portuguese

                                                      BOS International Show Madrid - Spain (Mandatory point)

                                                      BOB - BOG Porto - Portugal (Mandatory point)

                                                      BOB - BOG MEDITERRANEAN

                                                      BOB Gibarltar

                        IN  2014:

                                                       N.1 TOP AFGHAN & HOUND, # 3 In all Breeds in Spain

                                                       N.1 TOP AFGHAN HOUND IN CUBA

                                                       N.1 TOP AFGHAN JUNIOR DOG - DAC In Germany

                                                       BOB - BOG Talavera de la Reina Spain (Mandatory point)

                                                       BOB - BOG x2 Time in Gibraltar


                      The  2013 :

                                                          N.1 TOP AFGHAN & HOUND, # 4 In all Breeds in Spain

                                                          N.1 TOP AFGHAN & HOUND In Cuba

                                                          BOB Finland Afghan National

                                                          BOS Madrid - Spain (Mandatory point)

                                                          BOB Porto - Portugal (Mandatory point)

                         The  2012 closed with :

                                                                N.1 TOP AFGHAN & HOUND In Spain

                                                                N.1 TOP AFGHAN In Argentina

                                                                N.1 TOP AFGHAN In Russia

                                                                BIS Iternational Kinologikal Federation - Russia

                                                                SBIB Special  Santa Fe - Argentina

                                                                SBIS Special St. Petersburg - Russia

                                                                SBIS Veteran Special CEGAS - Spain

                                                                RBIS All Breeds  Santa Fe - Argentina

                                                                RBIS International Santa Fe - Argentina

                                                                RBIS Iternational Granada - Spain

                                                                BIS junior International - Belarous

                                                                SBIS junior Special St. Petersburg - Russia

                                                                RBIS Puppy International Granada - Spain

                                                                RBIS Puppy Cieza - Spain

                                                                SBIS Babby Special CEGAS - Spain

                       In   2011   the  year  also  continue  magnific :

                                                              BIS  Sghthound Dinkelsbuhl - Germany

                                                              BIS  Paphos  -  Cyprus - International

                                                              BIS  Spcial CEGAS in Spain

                                                              RBIS  Paphos  - Cyprus - International

                                                              RBIS  National Show St. Petersburgo - Russia 18

                                                              RBIS  National Show St. Petersburgo - Russia 20

                                                              BOS  FALAPA - France

                                                              BOB & RBOG, junior BOB & BOG,

                                                              puppy BOB & BOG IDS Jerez - Spain. Mandatory Point

                                                              RBIS  Alicante, Spain  - International

                                                              BIS3  Murcia, Spain  - National

                                                              BIS junior National,  St. Petersburgo - Russia

                                                              BIS junior Azuaga, Spain - National

                                                              BIS puppy Badajoz, Spain - International

                                                              BIS puppy Special CEGAS - Spain

                                                              BIS puppy Russian Kinologikal Championship

                                                              27 BOGS in all the world

                      In   2010 we accumulate important results

                                               ABSOLUTE BIS  INTERNATIONAL SHOW GRANADA  2010
                                               (obligatory point)

                                               ABSOLUTE BIS  INTERNATIONAL SHOW  CYPRUS.

                                               RBIS  INTERNATIONAL SHOW
                                               TALAVERA DE LA REINA (obligatory point)

                                               ABSOLUTE BIS NATIONAL SHOW 
                                               RUSSIA AFGHAN HOUNDS CLUB    (special)

                                               ABSOLUTE BIS SPANISH NATIONAL CEGAS ( special )

                                               ABSOLUTE BIS IN HASPAREN , FRANCE

                                                            EAST COUP WINNER

                                                            APHRODITE WINNER

                                                             LISBOA WINNER
              Best afghan Male and bitch, Hound & classified between and position to All Breeds RANKING EUKANUBA DOG SHOW


                                                                                                                      UPDATE : 01.06.2021


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